About Carla

I’m a spiritual Coach/teacher, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and a Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes Strategic Intervention Coach.

I Coach Individuals, Couples, Families… CALL 661 803-1352 FOR YOUR FREE PHONE CONSULTATIONWhat is your Code? What is your mindful/conscious daily practice? How do you balance your Spiritual, Mental and Physical needs?

Make a Wish and Let’s Shift

What is your daily practice? I’m here to help build your daily practice, spiritually, mentally and physically, increasing your light or ability to love and feel amazing? We’ll choose from a simple list and build from there. In no time your energy will be moving.

Do you yearn for a more meaningful life? Do you wish you could have better relationships? Would you like to have more honest relationships in which you are able to safely and lovingly express your feelings and have your real needs met? If this speaks to you, then you may want to take this life-changing journey. I can help you become more of who you truly are and can be.

I’m a Coach & licensed Marriage Family therapist in Los Angeles/Global. My purpose for being on the planet is to help people attain their highest purpose. It is my Dharma. I have worked with Executives, Celebrities, high profile clients in the Music & film Industry and Nascar racing. I have successfully practiced for over 20 years. Individuals, Couples, Families, Groups & Corporations have benefited my unique & enthusiastic style. When you work with me you’ll feel my heart and know my commitment to you. I was born a teacher, intuitive healer & coach. My holistic style includes teaching how to direct the mind, strengthen the body, & find or follow your spirit’s path.


My professional relationship with Carla spans 7 years and multiple states. She quickly won me over me with her depth of training, experience and insight. Her coaching and guidance has been integral to helping me forward, without medication, thru many major life events. Including marriage dissolution, business partnership breakup and company sales. When Carla shows up the experience shows up!

Kate P.

It was a year ago when I began my journey with Carla. She came highly recommended to me, yet I was resistant and confused about diving into any sort of soul and life work. So, I write this to anyone who has given their time to read this… because I am sitting here many months later with more articulation and peace in my own life. One of the reasons that I was initially so resistant to calling Carla, was because of a few failed attempts in therapy in my younger years. I found that their dialogue was textbook and cold, it didn’t feel that I was working with a genuinely healthy person who practices what they preach. I wanted the real deal! Someone who was genuine, joyful, spiritual, balanced, who would hold me accountable ( as hard as that can be too accept..ha), and most importantly, someone who is so very human. I found this in Carla. I am so grateful that I made that first phone call to see her. For anyone that is ready to make life changes or small changes, this is your brave and amazing first step…….
Douglas M King President Intelmedia LLC

Carla has been my Life Coach for over two years and she is the best. On a spiritual level she has helped me get in touch with my spiritual path and has guided me through many rough and tumble times. Carla has helped me realize that spirits connect, and the spirit can heal and the spirit can move on to peaceful places to be in harmony in the universe.

Michele in Iowa