This breath work is one of the most powerful on the planet. Pranayama treatments are contributing to healing and awakening one’s consciousness. The sessions may be anything from feeling deeply loved, profound healing to Samadhi/Nirvana. The Breathwork you will experience is not widely known of or taught in Yoga, Shamanism or as a portion of basic Spiritual Curriculum, but it should be.

  • Dress comfortably. If possible no drugs or alcohol 24 hours before a treatment.  Drink water and please do your best to not drink caffeine the day of your treatment.  Try a no News for 24 hours. No eating 3 hours prior to treatment. It’s recommended that you do your best to have a light day or rest after a treatment.
    Note! There are sequences in the exploration of Breathwork that require 15 to 30 minutes or longer of grounding and “getting back into” the body after the practice has been completed.
    Humans are by and large ungrounded, functioning much of the time in their heads with little awareness and true connection to the body.
    It is recommended that a regular Yoga practice or other vigorous exercise plan is paired with a plant-based diet and added to your Breathwork practice.
    This way, the experience of journey into extra ordinary levels of consciousness will truly be embodied and bring about the full benefit of an integrated, healthy spiritual life experience.
    5 Session Package
    5- 90 Minute Sessions Save 125$ Available in Person or via ONLINE
    3 Session Package
    3- 90 Minute Sessions Save 75$ Available in Person or via ONLINE
    1 Session
    1 90 Minute Session Available in Person or via ONLINE
  • Gentle Pranayam methods do not promote hyperventilation or re-traumatization.
    The breath is a two-part exercise using only the mouth. There are two inhales. The first inhale is into the lower belly. The second inhale transfers the first from the belly into the upper chest which then is exhaled in full release. This practice is very powerful and need not be forced or practiced with any level of strain.